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freadom app

The freadom app has been built to nurture your child’s will and skill to read. With exciting activity packs, stories from top authors and publishers, monthly challenges and trackers to monitor progress, the app is the perfect English learning companion to thousands of primary schoolers.

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Impact in numbers

1.2 Billion

Reading minutes enabled


Words read per child annually


Young and dynamic users
Time-bound results

Just 10 minutes of using the fREADom app everyday will lead to a marked improvement in your child’s reading skills.

A treasure trove of content

With over 1000+ stories and 1200+ activities, the app promises non-stop engagement with new content that’s added regularly.

Daily dose of positivity

A piece of good news, that’s specially curated based on your child’s grade level, is sent to you every single day.

Designed by experts

Experts from Harvard, Stanford and IIM have created this app based on research spanning over a decade, guided by global education houses of repute.

Meaningful screen time

The app is designed for parents and children to use together, leading to more bonding and simultaneous increase in meaningful screen time.

Content curated from trusted experts


Experience the app, with our star user

Experience the freadom app universe, with a young Pritisha Moitra. She became the first reader in the freadom universe to maintain a streak for 300+ straight days!

Kids and parents love the freadom App!


“Fallen in love with it”
What an app! Actually fallen in love with it. My daughter looks forward to the challenges and answers the questions after getting the News Freads. The encouragement given by acknowledging her efforts was thrilling for her. My heartfelt thanks for designing such a user-friendly step-by-step guide for our children.



“In one word - Great!”
It is a great and innovative app. Every day we get knowledge and a lot more. In one word - great.

chandan kumar jha, parent of ayan


“A really innovative approach”
It is a really innovative approach that fosters the reading habit of a child. We loved being a part of the freadom journey and wish to participate more. Thank you, team freadom!