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Equip your child with the English skills essential for a 21st century career. Gain access to well-researched English-learning courses with proven results when you join Freadom #ParentsOnDuty. Whether it’s unique tips from other Freadom parents, or updates on the latest English resources, this tight-knit community has it all.


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Join the ultimate resource hub created by parents, for parents.

Connect with like-minded parents to transform your children into curious students and skilled English speakers.

Let’s work together in a community directed by you, the parents of Freadom, to inspire brilliant young learners and future leaders.

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#ParentsOnDuty #Community #Content #Connection

Are you looking for insight on English-learning resources from other knowledgeable parents? Educational content to share with your children? Or information on career-building courses that leverage English skills? Our community is designed with all your children’s needs in mind.

At #ParentsOnDuty, you can build connections with other parents in our community events, share resources with one another and gain access to exclusive, member-only offers on our products.

What You'll Find

#ParentsOnDuty #Community #Content #Connection

Join sub-groups for educational discussions, anonymous Q&A sessions, live events with knowledgeable speakers, as well as channels dedicated to sharing ongoing resources.

If you’re one of many Freadom parents on the lookout for new English learning resources - this is the perfect community for you.


Spook-tastic Author Meet!

If your 8-12-year-old child is an avid reader or a creative writer, they’re sure to love our upcoming event! Freadom POD is inviting Tanushree Podder, a HarpersCollin published author, to teach your child all about the horror genre, creativity, and the writing process! With two successful novels, a dozen best-selling nonfiction titles, and a few hundred travel tales under her belt, she’s all set to offer up her unique story-building insider knowledge.Join us on October 24th at 12 PM IST for this spook-tastic Meet an Author Storytelling session

About Us

Who Are We?

Freadom #ParentsOnDuty is promoted by Stones2Milestones (S2M), an organization with the goal of promoting English proficiency in children ages 3-15. Through storytelling, live classes, activities and coursework, S2M aims to create a nation of young readers.

Over the years, we have told stories, written books, trained teachers, conducted English olympiads, and much more. Our products include WOW, BLPS, MsMoochie, F-ast, Freadom.

Read more about us here.

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