A child's guide to mastering the art of public speaking.

Does your child lack the confidence to articulate their thoughts?
Empower them to take the stage.

In just 4 weeks, instructor Dipika Singh will empower your child with public speaking skills to communicate with impact!

Course starts on 22nd June 2021
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Meet the instructor
Dipika Singh is a content creator and the founder of She Means Business. She has a background in marketing and her passion lies in speaking and communication. Now, as a motivational speaker and life skills coach, she works to empower everyone, from children to corporate professionals, to become the most impactful versions of themselves.

She is happiest with a mic, a stage and an audience. Join her in this much anticipated course that empowers children to embrace the stage.

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Course structure
Week 1: Communicating with confidence

Whether it’s an audience of two people or two hundred, Week 1 is about bringing power to each speaking style. Children will:

  • Distinguish between the features of debates, presentations, speeches and interpersonal conversation
  • Adapt content to the demands of each style
  • Learn key elements to master any chosen medium
Week 2: Behind the scenes

Welcome to the preparation stage! Children will:

  • Conduct thorough research to build content
  • Structure and draft material tailored to a specific audience.
  • Anticipate key questions and construct effective answers
Week 3: Creating impact

It’s time to learn how to leave a lasting impression. Children will:

  • Develop compelling storytelling skills
  • Deliver crisp and effective content that packs a punch
  • Engage with a live audience like a pro
Week 4: Take the stage

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Children will:

  • Overcome their fear of public speaking
  • Translate learned tools into a skilled performance
  • Create magic on stage!
Bonus Sessions: Guest speakers

Details will be available soon!

The course will end with a
Live Showcase
where children will demonstrate their newfound Public Speaking skills in front of an expert panel!

Your child’s takeaways from
Take the Stage

If you #GrewUpShy,
make sure your child doesn’t too!

We provide a safe, judgement free learning zone so your child can
break out of their shell and overcome their fear
Empower your child to
Take the Stage
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