A child’s guide to launching a YouTube channel
In just 4 weeks,
your child will:
  • Create and grow their YouTube channel
  • Learn skills like scripting, filming and editing
  • Build their first professional network, before even going to college
Batch 2 classes start on the
31st of July
Registrations Open
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Meet your instructor
Ganesh Pai is the founder of the edtech company Don’t Memorise.

He’s a TED-Ed educator and runs one of the fastest growing Education YouTube channels in India with close to 2 million YouTube subscribers. His was one of the top 8 YouTube channels to get funded by Google and gets over 200,000 views and over 2,000 new subscribers everyday.

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Who is it for?
Ambitious and curious young learners of ages 9 to 16
Course Details

The Freadom University advantage

Focused mentorship from an industry expert
KidTube has been hand-crafted by an expert educator who will harness the creative potential of your child and help them responsibly explore a platform like YouTube and create their own digital portfolio.
Leveraging English skills for a lucrative career
We go beyond teaching children foundational skills. Whether on YouTube or in a boardroom, KidTube will empower your child to begin thinking like a true entrepreneur.
Building social skills to create a network
Working with other creative and driven young kids not only provides your child with much needed social interaction, but also teaches them skills like team work and helps build creative networks from a young age.
Preparing for a digital future
Within just a few years, YouTube grew from a video-sharing platform into a serious career path. In an increasingly digitized world, this course introduces your child to content monetization and teaches them to adapt their unique ideas to reality.
A course like no other
There are some skills that you just can’t learn at school. Through KidTube, children will learn how to generate original ideas from scratch, bringing their undiscovered creative potential to life.

Course structure

Week 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

We’ll kick off the course by tapping into each student’s personal drive.
By guiding them towards the creation of their own brands, we’ll show them how to translate their inner passion into the audiovisual form. As they start thinking like true entrepreneurs, students will then hone in on their target audience and begin sharing their message with the world.

Week 2: The Content Machine

In the second week, students turn their passion into action. We’ll show them how to pull observations from their surroundings and transform them into fresh video ideas. They’ll learn the ins and outs of video structure, content planning, and how to show-case their own unique style in front of a camera.

Week 3: The YouTube Studio

Now onto the nitty gritty. Students will be taken through an in-depth crash course on everything from equipment recommendation to end-card creation. We’ll give them a detailed run-down on how to optimize watch-time, create exciting playlists, capitalize on tag words and create interesting video descriptions. By the end of the week, your child will be an expert on every single YouTube feature.

Week 4: The Algorithm

In the final week, students take everything they’ve learned and implement their newly found expertise towards individual career and academic goals. We’ll walk them through the various opportunities for growth and monetization as they begin to independently direct the future of their channels. When the course wraps up, they’ll have an action plan for the next three months and an intricate network of fellow young creators and potential collaborators.

Bonus Sessions: Guest speakers

We will be featuring budding content creators as well as a star kid YouTuber who has more than 300K subscribers, to give your child a clear sense of what lays ahead. One session will also feature a Child Psychologist with over 11 years of experience in the field to guide your child and ensure they have a safe and meaningful experience on the platform.

At the end of the course, your child will have

Their own YouTube
channel with 3 videos
Make your child a KidTuber
today at ₹20,000!
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