Entrepreneurial Mindset
By Sushil Mungekar
For ages 9-14

Over 6 weeks, students will:

  • Build critical 21st century skills like creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration
  • Transform problems into opportunities and come up with unique solutions
  • Formulate their own business plan for a venture
  • Pitch their own business plan, live in front of a jury

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Meet your Mentor

Sushil Mungekar is an entrepreneur, educator, and the founder of ENpower--India's first entrepreneurship & life skills focussed company for young children. He has helped over 27,000 students across the country become ‘future-ready’ by equipping them with the entrepreneurial mindset through gamification. He also runs the nationwide competition platform India’s Future Tycoons (IFT).

The Proven Entrepreneurial
Mindset Formula

Toolkit for any 21st Century Career

At the core of the entrepreneurial mindset lies 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and most importantly communication. This course is designed to help your child establish a strong foundation in these skills and set them up for success in any career they may choose to pursue.

Expert Mentorship

Learning a critical foundational skill like entrepreneurship requires precise and expert guidance. Who better to learn from than an expert entrepreneur himself? With over a decade of industry experience under his belt, Sushil will deftly guide your child through the course.

Active Learning by Doing

Freadom Academy courses pride ourselves on helping children learn by doing. Entrepreneurial Mindset is designed so students can come up with ideas to solve real world problems, transform them into lucrative products or services and finally transform them into plans for sustainable ventures, all from within a classroom!

Life Skills Plus

Skills like brainstorming, problem solving, adaptability and financial literacy are not career specific, but are in fact crucial life skills needed to navigate the world. Students will also learn to communicate complex ideas with articulation and confidence, giving them an extra edge over their peers.

Mindset + Heartset

This course will not just help students develop a way of thinking, i.e a mindset, but cultivate a way of living, i.e a heartset. Students will learn to empathise with the world around them to build sustainable solutions. They’ll build resilience and perseverance to take on any challenge that comes their way and the ability to not let failure define them!

Your Child's Learning Journey

Over 10 weekends, children will master the
universal language of visual storytelling.

Stage 1: Sessions 1-2: How entrepreneurs drive change

Over the first few sessions, students will be introduced to entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset and the difference between the two. EM is effective in predicting and managing future changes and students will build a change driver’s mindset. Modules include:
- Building a change driver’s mindset
- Introduction to entrepreneurship & entrepreneurial mindset

Stage 2: Sessions 3-8: How to build great ideas

Students will begin their entrepreneurial journey by understanding the ‘need-gap’ and how to transform problems into opportunities. They’ll build an effective problem statement, conduct risk analysis to reduce risk in problem solving, develop their own creative problem solving approach.
Modules include:
- Acknowledging world of  products & services around us
- Why is empathy a starting  point of a good entrepreneurial journey?
- Techniques of problem identificationIdentification & assessment of entrepreneurial opportunity
- Shortlisting opportunity for ‘me’ through self-reflection
- Techniques of innovative thinking & problem solving

Stage 3: Sessions 9-13: How to transform ideas into useful products and services

Having identified a problem and come up with a possible solution, students will then learn to transform their idea into a product or service that benefits the consumer. They’ll understand product development stages and consumers, start product prototyping and build a strong value proposition for their product.
Modules include:
- Converting ideas into useful solutions
- Understanding product development stages  
- Understanding customers
- Solution prototyping
- Building value proposition

Stage 4: Sessions 14-18: How to transform great products and services into sustainable ventures

In the final stage of the course, students will transform their product or service into truly sustainable ventures and build their own business plan. They’ll learn to build a business model, come up with a revenue plan and brand communication and prepare for their final live showcase.
Modules include:
- How to model great business?
- How to make money, Honey! (Revenue modelling)
- What’s there in a name? (Brand communication)
- Understanding money Pitching my venture

Final Stage: Live Showcase: Business Pitch

In the final live showcase, students will pitch their own business venture idea to a jury of expert entrepreneurs in front of a live audience of their friends and family. They will demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit and confidence.

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The Complete Entrepreneurial Mindset

By the end of 6 weeks, students will:

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