A child’s guide to visual storytelling through comics

Instructors Abhijeet and Aniruddho will transform children into visual storytellers and help them:

  • Master the fundamentals of storytelling through comics and graphic novels
  • Create visually compelling storyboards and narratives
  • Build their own superhero character as part of an original 5-10 page comic
  • Publish their original comic on the Freadom app
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10 weekends, 20 sessions, 1 hour each
Unleash your child’s inner creator!
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Meet your mentors

Together this award winning super-duo is here to empower your children to find their creative voices!

studio features

This course is designed to bring the best out of every child creatively. Here’s how:

Creativity Booster

Our dials are set to boost imagination and spark creative ideas! The Comic Studio course structure is configured to nurture story development and out-of-the-box artistic expression in a way that is simply not possible at school.

Career Builders

The Comic Studio is optimized to facilitate storyboarding and ideation. Whether it’s presentation building, infographics or the ability to condense nuanced ideas into easily digestible bites, they’ll build visual communication skills which will help them break into any industry that your child aspires to!

English Language Enhancers

English language development is one of the key by products of Comic Studio. Tasks such as reading, writing and storyboard presenting are baked into almost every session of our course plan.

Expert Mentors

Learning a critical new skill requires precise and expert guidance. Who better to learn from than the literal superheroes of the comic book industry in India? Sharpened by years of experience, Aniruddho and Abhijeet will deftly guide your child through the course.

21st Century + Life Skill Developers

This course is wired to teach your child critical 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration and critical thinking through visual storytelling in comic books. Students also get the added bonus of early exposure to teamwork and a head-start on building a network with like minded, passionate young creators!

Your child's Learning Journey

Over 10 weeks, children will master the universal language of visual storytelling.

Week 1: Understanding Comics and Graphic Novels

Students will kick off the course with a complete immersion in the world of comics. They’ll learn terminologies and understand the process from start to finish. They’ll also be introduced to the essential reading list of YA comics!

Week 2: Understanding the Process

Students will create the covers of their comic books. They’ll look into the cover's writing, paneling and penciling with a crucial overview of inking, colours and lettering. In the process they’ll learn to network with their peers and build an understanding of the importance of teamwork.

Week 3 & 4: What makes a Hero: Creating complex characters

At the foundation of any captivating comic book or graphic novel lies an unforgettable hero. They’ll learn how to build compelling characters and learn the technique of creating a Hero!

Week 5: Transforming Folk Stories into Comics

Students will choose their favourite folk tale and put their comic creator skills to test. They’ll transform their folk tale into a comic story, complete with paneling, lettering and illustrations.

Week 6: Impactful Story weaving

Students will spend the week mastering the elements of storytelling. They’ll plot irresistible story arcs, unforgettable characters and build whole new exciting worlds, creating the foundation for their final comic.

Week 7: Mid-Comic Review

Instructors Aniruddho and Abhijeet will review each students’ comics mid-way and share feedback.

Week 8: Final Comic Review

Instructors Aniruddho and Abhijeet will review each students’ final comics and share feedback.

Week 9: Bonus: A-Z of getting Published

Intro to animation and design PART 1 - 2
Instructors Aniruddho & Abhijeet give students’ an in-depth look into traditional publishing routes in the comic book industry including Amazon Kindle Comic maker, Webcomics, Instagram and more.

Week 10: Bonus: Workshop on Storyboarding

Intro to animation and design PART 3
Abhijeet will teach students how to storyboard. Aniruddho will demonstrate how to create motion comics out of comic panels on Adobe Premier Pro.

Final Live Showcase

Students will present their storyboards, concepts and then final comics in front of a live audience, building their presentation and storytelling skills in the process. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

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Your Child's Final Transformation

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