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What is freadom

India’s first comprehensive learning platform for children aged 3-12 to strengthen their English reading, speaking and conversation skills. Our content and teaching methodology have led to a 30% improvement in the academic performance of hundreds of primary schoolers, and boosted their confidence.

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Guaranteed academic growth at an affordable cost

"My son rarely used to speak in English, but after I enrolled him in fLIVE classes, he is able to speak well in English. Not only that, he is able to comprehend and express his thoughts. Also, I did not know that my son was so creative and had brilliant ideas.

He now creates his own stories and is able to understand how characters feel and express themselves. All thanks to fLIVE facilitators who are smart and bring out the best in your child. I quickly enrolled my child for the one-year programme. I did not want to miss out on this."

- Parent of Ayaan Mehta

Mentorship under expert facilitators

"The teacher was extremely good. She was extremely patient and soft spoken with all the children. She involved each of them in the best possible way. She was great."

- Parent of Vihaan, Grade 4

“Teachers are very friendly and experienced. If students are satisfied and having fun while learning, then we want the same teachers again and again! Thank you to all the teachers for giving us this new creativity through fREADom.”

- Parent of Sushmita, Grade 2

Content backed by a decade of research

“I am loving it... hats off to the teacher. I love the content. My daughter waits for the class."

- Parent of Ridhvi, Grade 3

“My child is getting knowledge to explore her own self.”

- Parent of Keenjol, Grade 4

“My child is learning out-of-the-book things, which is very important.”

Academic improvement at an affordable cost
Mentorship under expert facilitators
Content backed by a decade of scientific research

freadom Live
Expert-Led Online Classes

Our teacher + AI-led online classes. Designed to go leaps beyond rigid textbook learning, they have enabled thousands of children to enhance their reading, writing and conversational skills.

45 minute sessions

A safe and fun environment

Personalised attention

Trained facilitators from top institutes

More cost-effective than tuitions

Multi-cultural experience

freadom App
A Child's Learning Companion

The freadom app has been built to nurture your child’s will and skill to read. With exciting activity packs, stories from top authors and publishers, monthly challenges and trackers to monitor progress, the app is the perfect English learning companion to thousands of primary schoolers.

Get published alongside top authors

Choose from thousands of stories

Participate in fun reading challenges

Perform skill-based activities

Earn exciting badges and points

Get inspiring news items every day